Tale: Nest Diapers – Our Review (sponsored)

When we first had our baby girl, like every other parent, we thought she was the most delicate, fragile, precious thing in the world. We wanted nothing but the best products for her, whether it be the clothes she wore and what we washed them with, the blankets we wrapped her in, the toys she played with. But one of our biggest concerns was always her diapers. These would be on her little bum 24/7 and we wanted to cover it with the best.

This little nugget inherited her mama’s ultra-sensitive skin (I’m even allergic to the sun, seriously) and her daddy’s high energy. She’s also very petite like mama and daddy and has her daddy’s thin and narrow frame. As she got older, she also became the thirstiest child we’ve ever seen and drinks SO MUCH WATER every day (and that’s all she drinks – no juice, no milk, just plain water – and a LOT of it) so absorbency was an even greater issue. Finding a diaper to fit AND protect her skin AND be absorbent was near impossible.

We tried several brands (okay, ALL the brands), but it seemed like there was always a trade-off: either you had great absorbency or you had something very natural that wouldn’t irritate baby’s skin at all. We always opted for a more natural diaper, choosing to protect her skin over protecting her clothes from leaks and blowouts, but I always held hope that we’d find that perfect trifecta (natural, good fit, absorbency). And we finally have!

When Nest Diapers reached out to The San Diego Mommy Blogger Tribe, I jumped at the opportunity to work with them and I am SO HAPPY to be an ambassador of their products. We truly have found our trifecta diaper! The fit is fantastic, staying snug to her little booty throughout the day’s movements (and she is always moving…like, always). They are super absorbent, even overnight! Baby girl used to wake at least once from being uncomfortably wet and now sleeps all.the.way.through (hallelujah!). And since we started using Nest, she hasn’t had one little red mark of irritation! Since their diapers are hypoallergenic, free of harmful chemicals and known allergens, we can rest easy knowing her skin is well protected.

It’s also nice to know we’re making an eco-friendly choice as well. The packaging is sustainable, they use 80% plant-based materials and it’s all compostable. All this and the diapers are really soft and comfortable for baby. I wish I’d had these from the day she was born but I’m so grateful to have them now. And when the time comes, whenever this strong-willed little girl of ours decides she’s ready to potty train, they also have training pants!

Whatever your priorities are when it comes to choosing diapers, whatever the order, Nest Diapers have got you covered…literally.

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