My name is Maya. I’m 30…ish and I am a WFHM (work-from-home mom) in Southern California. I am married to quite possibly the world’s most perfect husband, or at least for me, and the mommy of two of the most beautiful humans I have ever known: Jacob, our teenage boy who is growing up entirely too fast for my liking, and Aria, our tiny toddler princess who inherited her mama’s sass, God help us all.

I created this blog to share my stories, my adventures, my recipes, my ideas and, of course, my confessions.

So here goes…

Being a mommy is the best, the hardest, the most stressful, the most rewarding, the most exhausting, the most fulfilling job and journey I’ve ever been on. I am always, always tired. I’m either in the middle of something, late for something, forgetting something, or, oftentimes, all three.

I’ve perfected the art of taking a shower in less time than an episode of Sunny Bunnies and eating lunch in stolen bites between loading the washing machine, trying to convince my toddler she cannot live on honey nut Cheerios and fruit snacks, folding towels and trying to figure out what in the heck this “new math” crap is to help my son with his homework. It takes me about 7 hours and 15 reheats in the microwave to finish my morning cup of coffee that I cannot function without.

I’m the mom who is lucky her socks match, let alone her bra and underwear. I’m the mom who buys her children everything their big brown eyes sparkle at but haven’t gotten a new inhaler for myself in about 9 years. I’m the mom who is almost always stretched far too thin with too much on my plate but that always has room in her lap for a snuggle, in my arms to carry the weight of their worries and in my heart to hold them near.

Because my children are at the very core of my soul and are a foundation of my being. It’s how I can watch my son bowl about 9,000 frames in one day and still cheer for each new strike, or dance to Baby Shark with my daughter again, again, again, again, smiling and laughing, ignoring the piles of work, dishes and laundry waiting just around the corner.

But I am also a wife. My husband is my backbone and the rock I stand on. He is my heart, my partner in this life, and the one beyond (we often argue about who is gonna haunt who…but I’m pretty sure I’m right. I am not often wrong LOL).

I am a daughter. I am a sister and a friend. I am a writer. I am a planner. I am a shopaholic. I am a Disney addict. I am a Potterhead. I am Maya. And these are my tales and my confessions.


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