Toy Story / Lightyear

I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t all that excited for the movie at first. I didn’t like Toy Story 4 and wished they’d left it at 3, so when I heard they were doing a spin-off movie, my hopes were not high. But since the original movies are such classics and beloved favorites in my house, I knew we had to do a movie night to see what it was all about. I mean, when you have Chris Evans voicing our title character, it’s gotta be good! I’ll probably be picturing Captain America the entire time, but that might make it even better.

Alien Jello Cups – Lime Jello topped with 3 candy eyeballs. Simple but so cute! The candy eyeballs are a teeth breaker, so just be careful when you dig in.

Hamms in a Blanket – Kinda sad to think we’re eating our beloved Hamm, but the kids ate it up. Your favorite hot dog wrapped in a crescent roll. Yum.

Slink’s Pasta – Choose your favorite sauce (I made my homemade alfredo) and pour it over some rotini pasta. You could use hot dogs cut into a curly shape to be Slinky Dog, but I wanted to go a different route to represent the characters, and the kids love pasta, so this dish won out.

Mr. Potato Head’s Chips – Another one that is sad to think of – a potato has to be sliced and fried to make a chip – but there’s really no way to eat a potato without it being cooked in some way, so we went with our fave chips. Fries or tater tots or even mashed potatoes would also work.

Snakes in Woody’s Boots – We happened to have Woody’s boot from Disneyland (it came with a root beer float once upon a time), but you can serve it in anything. Just don’t forget to say “There’s a snake in my boot” before you eat one.

Buzz’s Get-You-Buzzed Cocktail – If you don’t like vodka, this one is not for you. If you do…get to mixing. It’s 1 ounce of vodka, 1 ounce of midori, 3 ounces of Sprite. It is strong, it is tart, and it will light you up. For the kiddos, the green Hawaiian Punch is a very similar color and packed with sugar, so they’ll be just as electrified as the grown-ups.

This menu works for any movie from the Toy Story franchise and would be great for a birthday party since it has some savory, some sweet, sides and main dishes, plus a fun drink. And it’s also crazy easy! Toss in some character figurines that you’re bound to have lying around, and you’ve got a perfectly on-theme and delicious spread. Enjoy!


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