Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is a childhood favorite, something that has lasted the test of time and is still as exciting and fun as it was decades ago. My kids love the ride at Disneyland, but they’d never actually sat down and watched the movies. So it was definitely time to change that. And there’s no better way to do it than with a movie menu.

Donut Hole Rolling Boulders – One of the best parts of the ride, and an iconic scene, we had to have a boulder. Easiest way to make one? Donut holes!

Snake Dirt Cups – Snakes. It had to be snakes. Yes, Indy, it absolutely did. Dirt dups are a fave around here, so we just used gummy snakes instead of worms and it was an instant homage to Indy’s favorite animal.

Fossil Cookies – Dr. Jones is, in fact, a PhD in archaeology, so we had to have some fossils. I just made some peanut butter cookies, dipped some fun bug shapes into flour before pressing it into the dough, and baked them up.

Hershey’s Nuggets Gold Bars – Finding a way to make an edible golden idol is no easy feat. While the gold dust wasn’t outrageously expensive, the molds for the idol absolutely were. So we got some almond Hershey’s nuggets and bam – treasure even Indy would enjoy.

Oreo Eyeballs – A nod to the soup served at that iconic dinner in Temple of Doom, we made these fun and tasty eyeballs using half an Oreo (the other half was used to make the “dirt” in the dirt cups above), some frosting gel, and a black Reese’s Pieces in the center. I highly suspect you’ll see these again come Halloween time.

Jello Brains – I happened to have a brain mold from a past Halloween where I entered a contest at work for the grossest dish (I won, by the way), and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to break it out again. Just some red Jello into the mold and it is a perfect representation of the chilled monkey brains from the Dinner of Doom.

Indy’s Antidote – This drink is not just Indy’s antidote, it’s the antidote to anything. It is so.dang.good. 1 ounce of Blue Curacao (the liquor kind, not the syrup), 1 ounce of honey whiskey (we used Jack Daniels), 1 ounce of lemonade and Sprite to taste. I don’t know what’s in the antidote from the movie, but it was anything like this drink, I can see how it saved him from the poison Lao Che gave him.

And that’s it! A fairly big spread that didn’t take much time to put together at all. The best part is that it has a touch of every movie from the original trilogy, so you can watch it with any of them (or with all of them – we’re definitely serving this up another time for sure). Hope you liked this menu!

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