The Avengers

In this house, we love Marvel. The entire MCU. My personal faves are Iron Man and Loki (you know I love a villain), hubs also really likes Captain America and the littlest one loves Spider-Man. My son was once Hulk for Halloween when he was little, so that holds a special place in my heart, but his true favorite is Thor. And who can blame him? Mama’s got a soft spot for Thor too. Even chunky Thor in Endgame.

When it came time to do an Avengers movie night, I was SO EXCITED. I knew I had to pay tribute to one of our favorites series ever in a major way, so I went a little extra – more items, more time spent, and even a little extra money to make it exactly what we wanted. And it was so worth it!

Avengers Pepperoni Pizza – Just a store-bought cheese pizza with some pepperoni in the shape of the iconic “A” for this one. It didn’t require any special decorating skills, it’s literally just a letter A, so this was right up your girl’s alley.

Spider-Man Cupcakes – The most time-consuming item on the menu, but not difficult. Store-bought cupcake mix, white frosting with red food coloring, black gel icing, and some spiders we borrowed from our Halloween decor. Luckily spider webs are fairly random, so my lack of decorating skills didn’t hinder these from looking like what they were intended to be!

Tony and Pepper-Jack Cheese Bread – You know I was gonna do something Iron Man, but there was no way I was going to recreate the helmet and have it look anything like him, so I went with a play on words. I got store-bought Texas toast and sprinkled some pepper jack cheese on top before I baked it. Not gonna lie – it was excellent. I’ll definitely be adding this to our pasta rotation as a side dish from now on.

Hulk Pudding Cups – Vanilla pudding, green food coloring and Hulk-Smashed Oreos on top. I thought about drawing a Hulk face on the side of the glass for an added touch, but it really didn’t look like Hulk at all so I erased it LOL the message was clear, though, even without the face.

Thor’s Hammers – Marshmallows with a pretzel stick stuck in them. I’ve also seen this done with cheese cubes, but it turns out the marshmallow and pretzel combo is delicious. We had both on hand in the pantry, so I didn’t even have to buy anything to make these. And I’d definitely make them again just for fun. You could use a silver melting chocolate if you really wanna be extra, but we chose to keep it simple.

Captain America Fruit Platter – I used my star sandwich cutter and placed the bananas, strawberries (cut them up so you don’t have to use so many) and blueberries in circles around it. Then I filled in the star with more bananas once the rest of the “shield” was formed. It’s a ton of fruit, but my kids are fruit hounds, so we didn’t have much leftover. Another option is to make the star out of cool whip to use as a sweet dip for the fruit.

Loki Cocktails – So this is where I went a little more extra than I usually would. We don’t use blue curacao on a regular basis, so buying the bottle of it just for this is not something I’d normally do. But for Loki…I was willing. Orange juice and ginger ale (my father-in-law always brings us champagne when he comes over, so we had some on hand and used that for the adult versions, but you can always just stick to ginger ale) are common on our grocery list, but we did buy the yellow dusting sugar just for the rims of the drinks. It’ll get used in future cookie decorating, I’m sure, but we did have to buy it special for this drink. No regrets. I wasn’t going to have a Marvel movie night without representing Loki, and you know I wasn’t even going to try crafting his hat out of fondant, so this was absolutely the way to go.

Bonus: Infinity Stone Candies – While we didn’t watch Infinity War or Endgame this particular night, the infinity stones are mentioned throughout the timeline. A really cool way of making them is to melt down some Jolly Ranchers and pour them into jewel-shaped molds. Or even just break the plastic ring off of some Ring Pops. We didn’t make them this time around, but it’s definitely something I’ll consider for future movie nights.

If you can get your hands on these, they are for sure the easiest way to go, but I had zero luck on that, so we skipped it for now.

I have to mention that while I adore Star-Lord / Peter Quill, I already did a Guardians of the Galaxy movie night, so we didn’t represent him specifically here. But he was here in spirit. There are, obviously, several Avengers not featured here (Hawkeye, Black Widow, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, etc…) but there are so many that we’d get crazy carried away and have way too much food if we did them all. Also, some of those are hard to make themed items for (I’m looking at you Doctor Strange). So we chose our family favorites and made foods we would enjoy as much as we enjoy the movies. All in all, it was a delicious and cohesive spread that very easily and visibly represented the Avengers, so it was a huge success in my book!

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