Alice in Wonderland

I’ve always loved the idea of Alice in Wonderland, but I never got into the cartoon when I was younger. My little one also loves Alice, but can’t quite get through the animated version, so we decided we’d try the live-action film. She does love Captain Jack Sparrow, and while Johnny Depp looks nothing like him here, we thought his skill at creating lovable and slightly crazy characters would win her over. And if not…at least we’d have a super cool menu to go with the movie to keep her happy!

White Rabbit Carrot Bites – Just plain old baby carrots. Hubs requested we scale back on just a ton of desserts and sugar, so this fit in perfectly. My kids happen to love baby carrots, so it works for us. If yours aren’t so keen, cheese balls or even Chee-tos would work!

Cheshire Cat Rice Krispie Treats – We happened to have Peppa Pig Rice Krispie Cereal, so this was pretty easy to make. But if you don’t have it, some pink food coloring should do the trick. Cut them into rectangles and drizzle purple-colored melting chocolate stripes across them. Doesn’t matter if they’re uneven. Pink with purple stripes is very recognizable as the Cheshire Cat, so have fun with it and let the kiddos get involved. They’re yummy no matter what the stripes look like!

Tea Cakes – I used my sandwich cutters to make fun shapes out of pound cake and dipped them in pink melting candy. This didn’t work out as expected so I ditched the candy and just had cute bite-size cake bites. The melting candy made it way to sweet, so it worked out for the best.

Queen of Hearts Cookies – These were a random find a while back at Ikea. My daughter happened to ask for these, and they happened to be delicious. The little heart cut-out made for a super easy way to represent the Queen of Hearts. These come in chocolate and strawberry and are only $1.25 for a little roll of them. If you don’t have an Ikea nearby, heart-shaped sugar cookies would work great too.

Tea Sandwiches – Mini sandwiches cut into circles for ease of handling. Tip: Freeze your bread before you cut it into the shapes (doesn’t have to be circles, but those are the easiest to deal with) and it’ll hold its shape better. Use the same cutter to make equal-sized cheese and deli meat slices to build the sandwich. Cucumber sandwiches or chicken salad sandwiches are probably more “appropriate,” but my kids won’t really eat either one, so we made turkey & cheese and PB&J instead.

Cups of Tea – Admittedly, I am not a tea drinker, and we also did this in the summer, so hot tea was not going to work. We grabbed a few cups of Lipton Brisk Mango Fiesta and Dragon Paradise during Taco Bell’s Happy Hour. The colors are bright, right on theme with the movie, and they both taste really good. And they’re iced, which made them the perfect choice for us. Any tea would work, of course.

I really wanted to do a Mad Hatter item, but other than green mixed drinks and fondant/cake items elaborately formed into the shape of his hat, I couldn’t find anything. I am not at all a cake decorator, and I really don’t have the time it takes to concoct such a creation, so I didn’t bother. I thought of taking marshmallows on top of a Marias cookie (simple round cookies) and covering them with green melting chocolate to make a hat shape, but we’d used melting chocolate twice, and that could’ve been a time-consuming disaster, so I skipped it. The theme is very heavy on tea party, which is the Mad Hatter after all, so I think it still pays homage to my favorite character in its own way 🙂


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