You are everything

The bad days are because of the disability
The good days are because of you

The regressions are because of the disability
The growth is because of you

The struggle is because of the disability
The success is because of you

The emotions they can’t understand are because of the disability
The love they know is because of you

There is no right way. There is no easy path. There is no one to blame. But there is someone to thank – you.

You are a superhero, but you are human. Mistakes will be made. But just like we tell the children: it is not the fact that you fell that defines you; it is how you stood back up.

And you do, each day, regardless of the exhaustion, the frustration, the hurt, the helplessness. Every morning you stand up, and you face the world, not only for yourself but for your child. And there is no greater accomplishment.

There are days where you will yell too loud or far too much, where your patience is nonexistent. There are times where the choice you make is not the best. There are periods where you don’t have a clue what to do. But it’s okay.

Your child will not be shaped by your moments of weakness. They will be built by your endless strength, your undying courage, your unconditional and everlasting love.

You cannot fix them because they aren’t broken. You don’t always know the right answer because there isn’t always going to be one. 

The challenges of raising them will make you better. Your acceptance of those challenges will make them better. 

The load is heavy, the burden is unfair, the path is unsteady, the future is uncertain. But you can do this. Because they need you, because they are worth it. 

Give yourself a break, mama. You are doing the best that you can. You are giving all you have, and it is all they need. Your child is not average, and neither is their mother. You are more. You are enough. In the eyes of your child, you are everything.

For all you work so hard to teach them, let that be the one thing they teach you: You. Are. Everything. 


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