(Sponsored) Tale: Sunday Brunch at El Jardin Cantina

Last weekend, a few of the San Diego Mommy Blogger Tribe girls and I were lucky enough to enjoy Sunday brunch at El Jardin Cantina at Liberty Station. From the moment we walked up, we were in love.

The decor at the restaurant is just gorgeous and it was photo ops left and right the entire way through! From the gorgeous floating umbrellas to the angel wing wall, it was absolutely beautiful.

Even all of the seating areas are Instagram worthy! There’s so many different sections for all sorts of gatherings – Sunday brunch with the girls, happy hour with friends or family dinners. It’s set up perfectly to accommodate any occasion.

And then the food…oh my word. So delicious! Packed with bold and fresh flavors with mouth-watering presentations. Everything was seasoned to perfection with just enough spice to warm your belly. We took our time to finish each bite. We just didn’t want to leave any behind!

Next time you’re at or near liberty station, which I’m sure will be soon because it’s quickly becoming a hotspot here in San Diego, be sure to stop in at El Jardin Cantina. Your eyes, mouth and Instagram will thank you! Thank you El Jardin for having us. We had a wonderful time!

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