Tale: Cortex Toys Block Pack Review {sponsored}

I recently did a post for the San Diego Moms Blog about keeping our toddler entertained screen-free while out to eat. But let’s face it…the struggle is real well beyond the toddler years. We have to turn off the WiFi if we want our teenager to come out of his room!

That’s why I was SO excited to find the Block Pack made by Cortex Toys. LEGOs are, have always been and always will be a huge hit in our house (and most houses, honestly, even ones without kids!). But taking them on the go was impossible. This Block Pack makes it so fun and easy and has, pretty literally, changed our life!

I have an 8-year-old niece, a 7-year-old nephew, my 2-year-old daughter and my 13-year-old son, all of whose faces are pretty typically buried behind a tablet or a phone when we’re out to eat. But not when we had the Block Pack! They were all playing together, using their imagination, quietly creating and engaging their minds. Can I get a hallelujah? It was amazing!

Finding anything to entertain both genders and such a broad range of ages was pretty impossible before. But this Block Pack changed that entirely. Usually the boys and girls separate, or the bigger kids leave the little ones. Not anymore. Now everyone plays TOGETHER. It warmed my heart beyond measure. Such a simple thing made such a big impact!

The backpack is bright and colorful and they all took turns wanting to wear it. It has TONS of compartments to bring all the LEGO pieces you could ever want. And since it’s individual compartments, you can keep sets of specific pieces together easily.

The large brick plate is removable so you can lay it flat on the table to build on, and it’s quite large so you can build an entire village (as my niece proudly displayed here). And the best part is that she slid the plate back into the backpack and was able to pick up where she left off when we got into the car. Her face lit up with delight when she realized she could do this and she hasn’t stopped raving about it since!

Bringing all my beloved little people together, engaging their minds and imaginations and taking away the screens is always my goal, and this Block Pack made it a total reality! I’m so happy to be partnering with them and am even happier to share their product with all my followers. Use the code MAYA20 to get 20% off AND free shipping! It’s an amazing deal on something every kid in your life will absolutely love to have. With Christmas coming up, it will easily check off so many kiddos on that list. It really is fun for the entire family and totally GFam approved! https://cortextoys.com/products/block-pack

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