Tale: SDMBT Family Dinner at Farmer’s Bottega

The SDMBT recently had the pleasure of of a family dinner hosted by Farmer’s Bottega in Mission Hills. We had a long table out on the back patio which allowed us to enjoy the beautiful San Diego summer evening.

The kids played happily while awaiting their meals, which our server was kind enough to get out first. Once their plates of pastas and grilled cheeses came out, they were all excitedly dug in. I did sneak a bite of baby girl’s mac (you know, to make sure it wasn’t too hot for her) and it was really good (and I would know. I am the mac and cheese expert). She sat quietly and ate willingly…a miracle! Happy tummies = happy kiddos = happy mamas!

Us grown-ups got to feast on a wonderful selection of dishes, all of which were delicious.

I started with a green salad and an iced mocha. Both were great. The fresh Parmesan paired well with the greens and dressing. The coffee was bold and strong and hit the spot for this mama.

When our entrees arrived, no one was disappointed. Each plate was beautifully presented with lots of bright and fresh foods. I opted for the ravioli, which was bursting with artichoke, a personal favorite. Hubby chose the short rib. It was tender and juicy and fell right off that huge bone. It was so good that the man who doesn’t share food liked it so much he willingly gave me a forkful without me even asking. Bubba chose the burger and only begrudgingly allowed me a taste (but warned me to take “just a small bite, okay?”) when I told him it was for the blog. It was really good so I don’t blame him.

To top off our meal, we had bread pudding for dessert. It was truly decadent with just the right amount of sweetness. The evening was warm so the cold ice cream on top was a welcome treat. I have had bread pudding from just about everywhere (it’s my go-to dessert choice most anywhere) and I’ll tell ya, this one is top notch.

It’s always nice to see my fellow mommies of the tribe, but it was an extra special treat to be able to enjoy such a lovely meal with them at Farmer’s Bottega. The entire menu is full of delectable options. You really can’t go wrong. Thank you so much for having us, Farmer’s Bottega! It was a truly wonderful evening.

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