Just a little explanation of where my name came from and what it means. I was formerly ChromiclesOfMomnia but decided to rename myself to something I connected with much more, something that tells you a lot more about me, what I represent and what I have to share.

💜I am not a boy mom. I am not a girl mom. I am both and somewhere in the middle.

💜I am an old mom because I’ve got a teenager but I am also a new mom because I’ve got a toddler. So I’m somewhere in the middle.

💜I am not San Diego. I am not Los Angeles. I am not Orange County. I am all of the above because I’m somewhere in the middle.

💜I am a married mom, but I spent most of my motherhood (so far) as a single mom. In this journey, I am somewhere in the middle.

💜My kids have a 10.5 year age gap. What they want and need from me as a mom is often miles apart. So I spend most of my time somewhere in the middle.

Moms seem to fit in so many different buckets, but I don’t fit in any. I am a little bit of everything. I am somewhere in the middle. And there’s nowhere else I’d rather be 💜

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Indiana Jones is a childhood favorite, something that has lasted the test of time and is still as exciting and fun as it was decades ago. My kids love the ride at Disneyland, but they’d never actually sat down and watched the movies. So it was definitely time to change that. And there’s no better … Continue reading Indiana Jones

The Avengers

In this house, we love Marvel. The entire MCU. My personal faves are Iron Man and Loki (you know I love a villain), hubs also really likes Captain America and the littlest one loves Spider-Man. My son was once Hulk for Halloween when he was little, so that holds a special place in my heart, … Continue reading The Avengers

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